by Alex Bourke and Ronny Worsey

The complete guide to going vegan at home during lockdown.

In 160 pages for only £5, The Vegan Guide teaches you all about what vegans eat, cooking and baking techniques, where vegans get essential nutrients such as calcium and protein, the many different types of vegans, finding local vegan friends, raising vegan children, beating heart disease and diabetes with vegan food, and lots more

Includes what to say to your family so that instead of worrying, they will be proud of you and keen to know all about your new way of life.

Authors Alex and Ronny have been teaching veganism for over 20 years, including working for national vegan organisations and in vegan cafes.

This book fully prepares you to vote with your fork for a better world and a new you.

The most up-to-date, most complete, and best value guide to living vegan.

Ideal for anyone doing #Veganuary

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The Vegan Guide

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