The Vegan Guide

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NEW: The Vegan Guide

Everything you need to embrace the world's fastest growing way of life

By Alex Bourke and Ronny Worsey, two of Britain's most experienced vegan teachers and authors


  • Mouthwatering vegan dishes from around the world.
  • Fast and easy cooking techniques.
  • From burgers and baking to raw foods and wholefoods.
  • Replacing meat, dairy and eggs.
  • Bargain meals for tough times, little more than £1 a day.
  • Shopping and eating out.
  • The twenty tribes of vegan - which one is yours?
  • Vegan shoes, clothing, cosmetics and alcohol.
  • Nutrition in depth, by a vegan nutritionist.
  • Raising vegan children, by a vegan mother, chef and counsellor.
  • The truth about vegan pet food, by a top vegan vet.
  • Discussing your diet with your doctor, by a vegan GP.
  • Reversing diabetes type 2 with vegan food.
  • How veganism is changing, and saving, the world.
  • The psychology of explaining veganism to family and friends.
  • Got a problem? Call the V-Team (They are quite easy to find.)

Essential for new vegans, their families, and anyone in lockdown who fancies trying something different in the kitchen.

Alex Bourke is a former director, chair and national media spokesperson for The Vegan Society and has worked at UK vegan campaigning organisation Viva! He has published over 20 vegan books, 100 newspaper and magazine articles and explained and debated veganism on radio and tv.
Ronny Worsey has worked as a vegan chef and baker in restaurants from London to Edinburgh. She is a former director of The Vegan Society, campaigns officer at Animal Aid, and creator of the Scoffer series of vegan cookbooks.
With contributions from an expert team of vegan professionals including nutritionist Scarlet Hughes; counsellor, chef and mother Chrissy Leyland; vegan vet Prof Andrew Knight; and vegan GP and nutritionist Dr Mike Hooper.

160 pages. Colour illustrations. All this for only £5.00 ISBN 978-1-902259-22-2. Published January 2021.

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