Press Release - February 2002

VEGETARIAN LONDON 4th edition by Alex Bourke and Jennifer Wharton

According to the Vegetarian Society 250,000 people take the plunge to become vegetarian each year, but a recent survey has revealed that a hundred times as many are veggie at least two days a week.

This completely revised and re-designed 4th edition has been written so that every vegetarian (or friend of a vegetarian) can easily find somewhere to eat, to shop and to stay. This edition contains 120 vegetarian restaurants (30 new since last edition), as well as wholefood stores and take-aways in London, plus where to find accommodation and to buy cosmetics.

New format is easier to carry with you around London.

The author, ALEX BOURKE, a well-informed and experienced interviewee, is available for interviews, phone-ins and 'veggie travel clinics' on request.

Review copies of the guides are available.

A limited number of guides are available for competition prizes.

Please contact Vegetarian Guides on 020 3239 8433
Mobile 07726 51 81 02 (press only)