About Vegetarian Guides

Why Veggie Guides?

Veganism is growing explosively. The vegan market is bigger than the gay market, yet hardly addressed at all by the media and travel guides beyond a few token listings. We decided to do something about this.

How We Started

After working for a major travel publisher in the eighties, Alex Bourke set up Vegetarian Guides to map the world for vegetarians and vegans. His aim was to make it easy for vegetarians and vegans to eat anywhere in the world. Since 1991 he's travelled widely on five continents, working with vegan groups in each country to create an unrivalled research network.

Vegetarian Guides publications include London, Paris and Britain. We have started producing regional UK guides which so far include East of England (currently out of print), North of England, Scotland (currently out of print) and soon Wales, and South of England. Vegetarian Guides also buys in great vegan travel guides from other publishers to sell mail order. We also sell a few vegan cookbooks by our own writers.

The Veggie Guides approach

We are building a series of vegan guides, in partnership with the people best placed to research them, the coordinators of local and national vegan organisations in each country. They ensure that our books remain up to date and comprehensive. We tell you where to eat out, shop and sleep, whether you're a resident or a traveller.

We don't do inane reviews of a single dish on a long menu. Instead we list the most enticing vegan dishes with prices, and get as much info as we can from local vegans who eat there all the time. We don't judge. If a place isn't up to standard we leave it out. We figure if it's still open many people like it, so we give enough info for students to select the cheapest, couples to spot the ones with candles, and business travellers to know where to go to impress. Of course if a place delights everyone we might rave about it.

Our latest book Vegan London, the seventh renamed edition of Vegetarian London (which was always vegan) is our first guide in full colour, and our biggest, 800 pages! Which just shows how the vegan scene has exploded in London.

The Future

Coming 2020 is a brand new book How To Be Vegan, the complete guide for new vegans, meat and dairy reducers, and their families.

Vegetarian Guides is working on a new fourth edition of Vegetarian Britain, renamed Vegan Britain, which has grown from 256 pages in 1998 to over 1,000 pages. For those of you waiting patiently we apologise for the delay, there has been an explosion of new places in the last few years, and we have added hundreds of independent wholefood stores and increased the level of detail of many entries. Inspired by the success of Vegan London, UK regional guides will also be published derived from Vegan Britain, updating Vegetarian East of England, Vegetarian North of England and Vegetarian Scotland and all to be renamed Vegan. To be followed by guides to Wales, South-East England, South-West England and Vegan Britain Complete. You can help us to reach more people by spreading the word about Veggie Guides to your friends and recommending us to your local bookshop and library.

When there's a vegan guide to every city and country, it will be easy for everyone to eat vegan. And that's our long term aim.

Happy travels!

About The Editors

Alex Bourke went vegetarian at fourteen and didn't meet another for five years. Having been the software guy at a guidebook company in the eighties, he spent two years doing time in France, and a year as Campaigns Coordinator at Viva! All these experiences came together in the production of Vegetarian Britain, Vegetarian France, Vegetarian Europe and seven editions of Vegetarian London.
Alex to speak at World Vegetarian Congress in Brazil
A Vegan Activist Life story from the book Vegan Stories

From 2010 to 2018 Alex wrote the monthly Places To Go vegetarian restaurants page for Vegetarian Living magazine, and has contributed vegan travel features to newspapers and magazines including The Times, The Guardian, The Vegetarian, BBC Vegetarian Good Food, VegNews (USA), The Big Issue, New Vegetarian and Natural Health (Australia), Vegetarian World (Poland), helped countless journalists and researchers, and appeared on radio and tv many times in several countries.

Alex and co-author Ronny Worsey, who is also a top vegan chef, work with several vegan co-authors around the UK, around 100 local and national vegan activists and group leaders throughout Britain and Europe, and hundreds of readers worldwide who contribute updates and new entries.

Alex speaks several languages and has travelled vegan on five continents. He and the Vegetarian Guides team can answer all your travel questions or put you in touch with a local vegan expert.

Paris resident, journalist and longtime vegan Aurelia d'Andrea is the newest member of the Veggie Guides team and author of Vegetarian Paris